■Detailed data
Sex male
Age 70-74
Misc 2010-2014
Chief Complaint Lightheadedness, blurred vision, languor of both legs
Past history 55 years: cerebral infarction, 56 years: myocardial infarction, 68 years: kidney stones
Present history He began to come up with blurred vision and lightheadedness than two years ago.
Was introduced consulted before internal medicine physician pointed out the fundus bleeding where it was referred to the local doctor.
Laboratory findings WBC11.1×10³/μl (Seg2,Ly1, Mo97%)、RBC1.8×106/μl、Hb7.2g/dl、Ht20.2%、MCV112.0fl、MCHC35.6%、PLT5.8×104/μl、TP6.8g/dl、AST15IU/l、ALT15IU/l、LDH275IU/l、BUN13.5mg/dl, T-Bili 0.4mg/dl、Cre1.39mg/dl、Fe158μg/dl、CRP1.0mg/dl、Lysozyme(s)42.4μg/ml・(u)1.3μg/ml、NCC22.4×104/μl(blast33.0%)