■Detailed data
Sex male
Age 75-79
Misc 2005-2009
Chief Complaint Leukocytopenia
Past history Hypertension
Present history He was attending once a year to a nearby clinic in hypertension. More recently, he was referred to our hospital for our department is pointed out and leukopenia (3,900/μl) where it was referred to the local doctor. Lucidity, palpebral conjunctiva (no anemia), bulbar conjunctiva (without jaundice), not superficial lymph nodes palpable.
Laboratory findings WBC 1×10³/μl、RBC 3.55×106/μl、Hb 12.6g/dl、Ht 34.2%、MCV 96.3fl、MCH 35.4fl、MCHC 36.8%、PLT 14.2×104/μl、BM-NCC25.4×104/μl、PT 12.3sec、APTT 26.4sec、Fbg 284mg/dl、FDP 5.0μg/ml、D-dimer 55μg/ml、TP 7.4g/dl、Alb 4.0g/dl、UA 7.8mg/dl、AST 20IU/l、ALT15IU/l、LD 401IU/l、Cre 0.68mg/dl、BUN 20.2mg/dl、CRP 2.1mg/dl、TPHA(-)、HCV-Ab(-)、HTLV-Ⅰ(-)