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Posted by: Tokyo Pref., Cooperative study between National Cancer Center and Kyushu Cancer Center
Case of TIC(Tele Image Conference)
Date of entry 2000/09/21
Number of image 49
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[ Image ID:84 ]
A sessile polyp 2-cm in size with tiny depression is demonstrated in the transverse colon. The tumor was pTis.

Detailed data.
Criteria of Hist.ClassificationMalignant epithelial tumor/Adenocarcinoma
LocationLarge intestine(Colon)/Transverse colon
Technique, MethodEndoscopy
Macroscopic TypesType 0/IIa (IIa) Superficial elevated type
Size20 - 24
Depth of Tumor Invasionmucosa
Multiple neoplasm in same organMetachronous
Multiple neoplasm in anotherMetachronous