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Tumor-like lesions / inflammatory fibroid polyp (IFP)

Posted by: Fukuoka Pref.,MUNAKATA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (Dr.Yoshida)
Gastrointestinal case conference
Number of image 25
Sex male
Age 70-74
Misc 2000-2004's case
Posted by: Tokyo Pref.,Cooperative study between National Cancer Center and Kyushu Cancer Center
Number of image 27
Sex -
Age -
Misc 1995-1999's case
Posted by: Ehime Pref.,National Hospital Organization Shikoku Cabcer Center (Dr. 平崎)
Case of medical policy network.
Number of image 13
Sex male
Age 65-69
Posted by: Fukuoka Pref.,National Hospital Organization Kyushu Cancer Center (Dr.岩下)
Gastrointestinal case conference
Number of image 11
Sex female
Age 45-49
Misc 1980-1984's case