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As the saying goes, ”A picture is worth a thousand words”, some types of information are more effectively understood when presented in an image. For example, hematologic neoplasms are various and almost always recognizable by the presence of morphological lesions in cytology. Here at National Kyusyu Cancer Center, the mainstay hospital in Kyusyu for cancer-related diagnosis and treatment, we have compiled a database of images on various types of cancers. This database has been made public since 2006 in order to serve the wider community.


The Kyushu Medical Image Database has been produced as a part of the 5th field shared-research program of scientific research for Health and Welfare Programs under "the Second Term Comprehensive 10-year Strategy for Cancer Control of the Ministry of Health and Welfare". Part of the image database has been derived from the joint research findings of the "Project Research for the Japanese Society for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum " and the "Registration and Information Committee of the Japanese Society for Familial Tumors". We are looking forward to your ongoing support and feedback.

National Kyushu Cancer Center Director Kyosuke Ushio, M.D.
As same as above Chief, Medical Informatics
(Deputy Director)
Ken Okamura
As same as above   Kennich Anami

Menu explanation of Hematologic neoplasms image database

■Registered history
The recently registered disorder names are indicated in the order of the date of registration.
■A list of cases(WHO Classification)
Disorder names are classified with WHO Classification ,stratified and indicated.
■A list of cases(FAB Classification)
Disorder names are classified with FAB Classification, stratified and indicated.
■Search of cases
Each valuable case can be searched by WHO Classification, FAB Classification, gender, age, substance and staining method and others.

Past progress

October ,2006
Hematologic neoplasms database in Japanese made public online in 2006.