■Detailed data
Sex male
Age 80-84
Misc 2010-2014
Chief Complaint Subcutaneous hemorrhage
Past history 70 years: chronic bronchitis and hypertension
Present history He had visited a nearby clinic in hypertension and chronic bronchitis for 10 years. Was referred to our hospital because he has recently been pointed out thrombocytopenia and leukopenia. Admitted subcutaneous bleeding of 4cm in diameter in the limb than three weeks ago, he showed subcutaneous hemorrhage of 3cm in diameter in the lip than a week ago.
Laboratory findings WBC1.2×10³/μl (St2, Seg5, Eo2, Ba3, Ly40, Mo45%)
TP5.4g/dl、AST15IU/l、ALT12IU/l、LDH241IU/l、BUN12.5mg/dl, T-Bili 0.9mg/dl、 Coombs(-)、Haptoglobin32mg/dl、VB12 120pg/ml、FA3.0mg/dl、
PA-IgG1,090ng/107cells、CRP1.0mg/dl、NCC12.6×104/μl(blast1.0%)、PT12.3sec、PT92.3%、PT-INR1.05、 APTT29.0sec、anti-granulocyte antibody(+)