■Detailed data
Sex female
Age 60-64
Misc 2010-2014
Chief Complaint Fever, sore throat
Past history 51 years old: Cholecystectomy
Present history Since the past two years, had repeated urinary tract infections and upper respiratory tract infection, but has been improved with oral antibiotics. Then, leukocytosis was seen (12,000-25,000/μl). It was referred to a nearby clinic in pharyngitis more recently. Therefore, in order showed blasts and leukocytosis, was referred to our hospital to our hospital. Recognizing the redness of the pharynx, it is not allowed hepatosplenomegaly.
Laboratory findings WBC 63.42×10³/μl、RBC 4.55×106/μl、Hb 13.5g/dl、Ht 39.2%、MCV 86.1fl、MCH 29.6pg、MCHC 34.4%、PLT38.5×104/μl、
TP 8.1g/dl、Alb4.3g/dl、T-bil 1.0mg/dl、AST 32IU/l、ALT 21IU/l、LD 1,280U/l、BUN 10.3mg/dl, Cre 0.8mg/dl, UA 8.0mg/dl, CRP 2.7mg/dl、TPHA(-)、HBs-Ag(-)、HCV-Ab(-)、HTLV-ⅠAb (-)、NAP:score296/rate89%